Monday, 27 May 2019

fastest way to get page views on a new blog post|high traffic blogger

fastest way to get page views on a new blog post

Social media is the fastest way to get traffic to your blog these days. The moment you share your post and there are people online there is a very high chance to get traffic immediately.

So share your posts to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Instagram may be tricky because your link can be put only in one place and people can’t see it directly on their timelines when you post it. But you can announce to your followers that you just had a new blog post and they can read it using the link in your bio. This will enable them to visit your blog immediately.

Another feature on Instagram you can use to get bog views fast is your Instagram stories. You can announce that you just posted something new and use the swipe up button to help them get to your post directly.

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