Friday, 30 November 2018

Movie blogger template|movies blogger template

Movie blogger templates 

Hi friends ,
You will create a movie downloading site? You will use blogger?
Download the latest premium looking movies blogger template

MovieKhor - Movie Blogger Template

MovieKhor is the high quality and SEO friendly and good looking movie blogger template. You can use this template on every movie review or movie download site that hosted on blogspot blog. TemplateMark is the one of the best source of download free and premium blogger templates. This time is for share another Free blogger themes for you.


Sure apk

Sure apk is an app downloading website template. But this template using for movie downloading sites.
Sure APK is a fast loading and SEO Optimized blogger template that can make easy your user experience. In this template we added 4 home layout box. You can add 4 recent post box by specific label.


Monday, 26 November 2018

Top 5 backlinks generator|what is backlinks|backlinks generator

Top 5 backlinks generator

What are backlinks??

an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.

the more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be

How to get backlinks

Comment us on others blogs 
And another social media

You will generate for backlinks the most top 5 backlinks generator tools for you 

1-small SEO 

Small SEO is a good backlink generator tool you will build 100+ high-quality backlinks for your site 
Quality backlinks are critical for SEO. Use this free Backlink Maker to generate a large number of quality backlinks in a matter of seconds. ... Check your competitor's full backlink profile. Probably the BEST backlink checker in the industry

BackLinkr is good and FREE automatic backlink generator tool! Create thousands of high-quality backlinks

3-per post SEO

Prepostseo backlinks generator tool is developed for those websites that are newly designed. It is hard for search engines to index those websites. To fulfil that need you have to get backlinks from different platforms so that you can attract search engines bots to your web pages.


Webconfs is the best backlink generator 
 it is the Quality of backlinks along with the Quantity that helps you rank better in Search ranking 


is a high-quality backlink maker to create natural, non-spammy backlinks for your web pages. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

How to get Adsense approval for website|get the fastest Adsense aproval

Halo friends today I will share you how to get Adsense approval for websites. Actually, it is very complicated but I will make it easy for you to read this article and find it.

So I’ll share with you a number of my tips that facilitate ME to induce quicker approval of Adsense. all are voice communication it's arduous a number of the beginners are giving there most of the time in blogging solely to induce approval and at the moment a lot of-effort additionally they didn’t get approval some are failing for five and a lot of times and a few of the bloggers hand over in blogging field like ME as a result of all are thinking blogging is most profitable and fewer work is there.

It's profitable that’s right however less work is there that’s wrong. Do blogging for passion than solely you'll be able to earn during this field Please if you're thinking that blogging is straightforward then don’t do blogging. Youtube is best for you as a result of in youtube you don’t must offer most effort.

Adsense approval tips for beginners 


You will purchase a top level domain for your website ex. ( .com. In etc...)
Don't use any free domain Adsense was rejected for you


Write At least 15 posts with keeping in mind that you post words should be more than 600 words


Don't use most pictures for your post
because blogging means to write and share so google say that written work should be there only 1 image is enough for the thumbnail. After approval, you can use.

4-Write a user-friendly article

Readers can easily understand your article 
Don't make your post complex
Make your post easily


Pages are most important for  Adsense approval 
You should create 4 pages (about, contact, privacy, disclaimer)
Wich important for your site

6-Theme and customisation 

So you ought to use lightweight and straightforward themes. Keep your website clean don’t use such a lot widgets solely use required and vital widgets. build an emblem of your website and place that on prime it provides the impression to google adsense. produce label or tags and class of all post ex. If you've got game website then place mechanical man game connected the post to mechanical man game class and computer game s connected the post to computer games class. so method produces a minimum of five class and in every class place three post or additional. The main factor produces correct menu buttons in your theme. you'll be able to check my website that's, therefore, the easy and bespoke link is in begin of the post.

7-Unique content

It doesn’t mean you don’t have right to post that is already in google. Its reallymean in blogging field that right them in your own method don’t copy from another web site. Google simply finds that you simply have traced. By the method if you copy than copy solely a hundred or one hundred fifty words and additionally edit them.

Things ought to be unbroken in mind before Applying for adsense.

1. Don’t keep your web site} underneathwork suggests that first off customiseyour site properly and ensure you have 

3. Check all post are indexed in google or locomotion in google page.

So thats it guys currently your web site is prepared for approval of adsense apply and chill for twenty-four hours check your email am positive you may get congratulation mail.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

How to make money from review-zagl

How to make money from zagl

How to earn cash from

How to earn cash from
There are such a large amount ofwebsites out there, a number of them like Google's universal resource locator, tiny.url etec do not pay you one penny however a number of them are pay you the $64000 cash by sharing universal resource locator. In you'll be able toearn by sharing your shortend universal resource locator and in fact the referral program is enclosed.

How to create a account for

💰Go to or search on Google/Bing by

💰open the link with za.glNow you can see the same design like the above image

💰Now click on sign up (the upper right corner)

💰You can sign up through Fill out the form

💰Now verify email

Now Your account as created

Don't use any VPN or don't click your own url

Earning tips

💰Shotern your any URL then share at your all social medias

 💰you make a blog so start creating content and shorten your blog URL and share your friends. add the shotern link at the article.

💰 If you have in some whats app group where so many groups members are there, you can share you shorted url to the groups to get more clicks.


Zagl pays $100 per 10000 visitors(all country)

Payout rate



For more information watch this video

Monday, 15 October 2018

How to Get YouTube Sponsorship for Small Channels-sponsors for 100 subs-affiliate sponsorship youtube

How to Get YouTube Sponsorship for Small Channels

Getting your channel sponsored willgenerally seem to be a lofty, not possiblegoal. after you think about sponsors, you're thinking that of huge greenbacksand big TV commercials, not little content creators. If you’re a content creator, you’re in luck: during this article, we’ll be going over the simplest ways in which to YouTube support for little channels. To start, we’ll cowl some conditions and things to think about.

Quality Content is very important

The content you provide through your channel should provide valuable content. Not simply that, you want to have a library of valuable content in order that the potential sponsors will flick thru manymaterials in your channel. Uploading once during years or simply some contents within the starting and expecting YouTube sponsorships to pour in isn't the answer to accumulate supporters.

Famebit-youtube sponsorship platform

If you're looking for YouTube support for tiny channels, Famebit could be a sureplatform which will be thought of. it'sAssociate in Nursing interface for the advertisers and therefore the video creators UN agency need support for his or her content.

Utilizing Famebit is useful in exploit overaverage quantity of money because it is other by Google. If you've got 5000 endorsers for your channel, you'll fineutilize Fame bit to get YouTube support for tiny channels.

You can explore varied things like contraptions, innovations, designs, and additional after you get to their industrial center by creating a free record. Famebit charges tenth of the sponsored quantity and therefore the instalment is formed by check or PayPal.

Affiliate Sponsorships

Affiliate sponsorships area unit maybethe best ones to urge, however conjointlyarguably the smallest amount profitable. Affiliate sponsorships work the distribution of affiliate links and affiliate codes. Basically, these affiliate links and codes may be employed by your viewers to urge discounts or offer you with a bribe.

One kind of affiliate sponsorships is by merely giving out a code for a websitethat gives a reduction, typically anyplacefrom five to fifteen %. Your viewers have a decent incentive to use these codes if they’re fascinated by looking at that product or website, and whereas that discount doesn’t translate on to cash for you, the partner in question can see what proportion revenue they received from traffic you gave, and reward you consequently.

Another kind of AN affiliate support is thru AN affiliate link. These will work similarly to affiliate codes (by group action the identical edges into a URL), however they will conjointly offer a free bribe to a content creator if what that website needs reciprocally isn’t purchases, however traffic.

Product Sponsorships

This can be a tougher kind of YouTube support for little channels, however,, it’s a way of growing your channel, particularly if you’re running a channel with space to expand. the kinds of content creators that may most frequently benefit of those varieties of sponsorships square measure review channels. as an example, school YouTubers sometimes grow by doing tutorials merchandise} reviews- channels like Paul’s Hardware and MKBHD started little and had to get their own products, however by obtaining sponsorships, they got free review copies of hardware to review for his or her channel.

This doesn’t simply apply to school, either: nearly any product will get a support deal, farewell because it fits along with your channel and what you’re making an attempt to try to with it. For the gamers out there, lots of your favourite game reviewers- say, Jim Sterling- relish the advantages of being recognized as a component of games media, that permits them to receive advance review copies of most titles thus there’s a review for the merchandise obtainable before or on launch day.

Paid Sponsorships

Finally, this can be the very best style of sponsorship: once sites, merchandise and services forgo affiliate links and review copies to merely pay you to speak regarding them and their merchandise. This sometimes comes within the style of transient advertising spots at the centre and finish of videos- all over again, LinusTechTips could be a nice example of this in play- however it’s vital to notice that whereas this kind of support can cause you to the foremost cash, it’s additionally the toughest.

This may not be utterly viable as YouTube support for tiny channels- however, it may be a goal to figure toward, with the assistance of alternative sorts of support and channel growth. we tend to all begin somewhere

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Create a website for free|free Domain|free hosting

create a free web site on blogspot, you wish to not obtain domain and hosting services. Blogspot could be a platform that permits you to create and host web site at no cost, it owns by Google thus you are doing not should worry concerningserver down time and alternativeproblems. Moreover, there square measure thousands of free blogger templates that you'll use to administerknowledgeable look to your web site. Let’s begin with step by step guide for making a web site at no cost.Watch my youtube video and find it

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Infolinks|Make money|adsense alternatives|infolinks payment proof


Infolinks is an Online Advertising platform that enables bloggers and website owners to make money from their website by displaying relevant ads to their visitors. Infolinks drives new revenue for publishers by delivering intent-based ads in non-traditional web places.

How to signup for info links

Joining the Infolinks Ad platform is fast and simple. All you would like to try to do is fill out a brief type and integrate the code into your website for the ads to seem in a flash.
Follow these fast and simple steps to hitchInfolinks now

Complete our temporary sign-up type.
Infolinks team can review your application among forty-eight hours.
Upon approval, you'll be able to integrate the Infolinks script into your sites.
Start earning revenue immediately!

Once you’ve been approved you'll log in to the Publisher Center and track your earnings.

Joining the Infolinks Ad network is kind ofstraightforward and easy, the Infolinks platform is hospitable any on-line publisher, massive or tiny, with no setup fees, no minimum necessities for page views or guests and no hidden commitments.

Though, Infolinks do have sure policies in situthat make sure the effectiveness of ads for his or her publishers similarly as for his or heradvertisers. they are doing review all websites and reserve the correct to say no any application.

Also, Infolinks don't enable content that may be deemed as negative in nature, black-market or offensive in any approach. The baseline here is that they don’t settle for something illegal!


Infolinks includes a minimum payout threshold of $50 if you're mistreatment PayPal, eCheck, ACH and Payoneer as your payment mode and your earnings ought to exceed the minimum payout threshold for your elite payment methodology before you'll be able to receive your earnings.

If you have got elite Bank Wire Transfer OR Western Union has your payment mode, the minimum threshold demand is $100. you'll get paid once your earnings exceed the payment threshold for your chosen mode of payment


Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Top best Amp fast loading template 2018|template mark|free amp template

Download latest 3 amp blogger template

Free download amp HTML blogger template , amp blogspot template new 2018, fastest SEO friendly
Use a amp template and get a fastest search ranking for your blogger site

1-The amp 

This template created by ms design
This is specially designed for an Event niche site. If you're looking a blogger template for your event blog with AMP supported, then The AMP Blogger template will be perfect for you.


-AMP Supported

-Fully Responsive Design

-Mobile Friendly

-SEO Optimized

-Testing Tool


-Admin Panel

-Drop down menu

-Social Icons

-Ads Ready

-Adsense Ready by AMPBreadcrumbs

-Related Posts

-Subscribe Box

-Author Box

-Social Share Buttons

-Facebook Comment

-Search Box

-Custom 404 Error pages


2-Infinite Amp

Blogger Templates INFINITE AMP Premium is a nice and attractive AMP Blogger template, if you want to try this template.use this template and get a fastest google adsense aprooval  I will recommended for you



-Google Testing Tool Validator

-Mobile Friendly

-SEO Friendly

-Dynamic Heading

-Menu Navigation


-High CTR

-2 Column Breadcrumbs

-Footer Menu

-Related Posts

-Search Box

-Social ShareButton


-Subscription Widget

-Disqus Comments


3-Kompi amp

Kompi is the fastest amp HTml stylish blogger template . seo friendly, superfast loading and any features blogger template .



-Google Testing Tool Validator

-SEO Friendly

-Mobile Friendly

-Dynamic Heading

-Adsense Ready


-High CTR

-Read More with ThumbnailResponsive

 -Ad SlotBreadcrumbs

-About Me Widget

-Related Posts with ThumbSearch

- BoxSocial Share Button

-Responsive dropdown Menu

-Unlimited sitemap


-Unlimited Page Numbered


Saturday, 22 September 2018

Gandhi jayanti wishing site script free download|wishing site|whatsapp viral site free download

Download Gandhi jayanti wishing site script for blogger free

🔥Gandhi jayanti🔥

Gandhi Jayanti is a national festival celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who is also known as the "Father of the Nation". It is celebrated on 2nd October

How to add wishing site to blogger step by step 


1Download the Gandhi jayanti wishing site script and open the script for your PC you will use notepad++ open the script for your android phone you will use the quick edit application

2And search adsense for the script and add your Adsense code at here

3 go to your script footer section and add your site URL at here

4 select all the script and copy the code

5 open your blogger and press the theme section and scroll to bellow and press
Revert to the classic theme

6 off the nav bar

7 and remove the HTML code and add the downloaded script at here and save your theme

8 you will see your blog is changed to Gandhi jayanti wishing site

How to make money wishing site

If you want to monetize with your wishing site, you will use Adsense or another ad network on your wishing site. So if it is viral then it can make a huge income for you. People earn up to $1000 daily. You can easily download this script and earn it easily.

You will make money wishing site without Adsense watch my youtube video 📌

Features of this script 

👉Adsense friendly

👉Very lightweight

👉Whatsapp fb Share Button

👉Optimized for high ads revenue

👉Change with any Images

👉Supports any size ads

👉 No Hidden Script

👉No Redirection

👉 Easy Loading

👉Fast Loading Speed


👉Fully approved Adsense another ad network

Domain(.ooo, .ml, .tk , .blogspot. Etc...)


Saturday, 15 September 2018

Top Adsense alternatives for all time||monitize and make money website without adsense

The best Adsense alternatives for all time


If you’re searching for the foremost similar Adsense various, here you have got it: The Adsense for Yahoo and Bing. is Associate in Nursing industry-leading technology company that develops innovative digital advertising merchandise for each publisher and advertisers. they need over five hundred workers in key operation centres across – the big apple, l. a. , Dubai, Zurich, metropolis & city.

By Revenue, runs the #2 largest discourse ads program globally. powers the Yahoo! Bing Network discourse Ads program. solely manages technology, business operations and relationships with regard to publishers worldwide for this program. Today, could be a leading world discourse advertising company that has a good variety of advertising and traffic substantiation solution to a considerable and distributed consumer base. With quite five hundred workers, has one amongst the most important groups worldwide building a worldwide discourse advertising business. Plus, they take two days on the average to induce your account approved and can provide you with an additional ten over your earnings the primary three months!

How to sign up for publisher program

You will simply register for

Go to (register now👈👈). You’ll be asked for your

-phone num

After you will get an email from

And you will just wait for 2 days
Your website will be review for this days

Your website will comply with the program policy you will get an approval mail.
And your website does not comply with program policy you will get a disapproval mail